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Parker Ainsworth

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A history teacher with side hustles and passion projects, and looking to make them into something more.

Writer, podcaster, and content creator with an emphasis on sports and sport-adjacent culture.

Currently, Parker is the Belly Up Sports Basketball Department Head, a Senior NBA Writer, and Host of both "F" In Sports and The Midweek Midrange. Parker is a hoops head, "retired" football player, and sneaker aficionado. As an Austinite born in Houston and located in Dallas after a brief stint in LA... Parker is a well-traveled Texan, teacher, and coach. 

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Content Created

The bulk of my content can be found at the following

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Writing with Belly Up Sports

Written work for Belly Up Sports. Articles include a regular Rockets Round-Up, a look at sneakers, basketball analysis, and more!

"F" In Sports Podcast

"F" In Sports is a podcast, started in January of 2020, where teachers "grade" sports biggest issues! This weekly show looks at "theses" about sports, multiple-choice questions, has open essays, and even brings in "substitute teachers" as guests! #DontFlunkWithUs!

The Midweek Midrange

A YouTube Show dedicated to all basketball talk. Parker Ainsworth and a number of guests talk about the biggest things in basketball every week. Whenever you get to the Midrange, don't be afraid to #PullUp!

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Written Work

A selection of pieces written by Parker Ainsworth

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Basketball Questions

May 26th, 2022

This is a great place to showcase a sample of your written work or write a short description about your project. Did you collaborate on a print or multimedia project? If so, dazzle your visitors with images and video. Make sure to include a link to the full live project or document so readers can enjoy the entire piece.


Houston Rockets' Round-Up

Work covering the Houston Rockets for Belly Up Sports

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James Harden, Thank You. Thanks a Lot.

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Podcast Episodes

A selection of episodes from "F" In Sports and The Midweek Midrange,
both hosted by Parker Ainsworth

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Episode 12 with Andy Patton of Score Zags Score

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April 2021

Parker Ainsworth sits down with Andy Patton (formerly of Score Zags Score, currently with Locked on Zags) to break down Gonzaga's brilliant run, Zags in the NBA, and much more

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Taylor Pate on Ben Simmons

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September 2021

This episode features Parker Ainsworth hosting Taylor Pate of Apollo Houston Media to break down the Ben Simmons rumors, their connection to the Rockets, and more

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Episode 28 - Parker Ainsworth hosts Brady Hawk of 5 Reasons Sports

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September 2021

Parker sits down with Miami Heat analyst Brady Hawk to cover the big off-season in Miami, how the pieces fit together, X's and O's, and more

Episode on YouTube

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"Check the Catalogue!"

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May 2021

This episode features Parker Ainsworth and Chaka Cummings as co-hosts. The two look at Aaron Rodgers, no-hitters, the NFL Draft, and more

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Episode 14 - Parker Ainsworth hosts the Crew from Hardcourt Hunnies

MWMR e14 YT Thumb.png

May 2021

Parker Ainsworth hosts Hardcourt Hunnies  Jade Johnson and Shea Vassar and the trio do a full NBA Playoff preview, take a look at end of year awards, and more

Episode on YouTube

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"Parker Walnuts!:

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March 2021

In this episode, Parker Ainsworth and Chaka Cummings break down the NBA Trade Deadline, the Miami Dolphins, adding microphones to referees, and more

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"So Bear With Me"

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July 2021

This week, Parker Ainsworth graded theses and hot takes submitted via Twitter. In "Study Hall," Mr. A looks at different topics the NFL, NBA, the NBA Draft, and even the Tour de France

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Dave Zirin, author of "The Kaepernick Effect, Taking a Knee, Changing the World"


October 2021

This week, Parker gets to sit down and interview Dave Zirin over his latest work on the effect and impact of Colin Kaepernick

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Guest Appearances

A selection of times Parker Ainsworth has appeared on other shows

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Locked On Zags

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November 2021

Andy Patton of Locked On Zags hosts Parker Ainsworth to break down the high profile and top-five matchup between the Gonzaga Bulldogs and Texas Longhorns 

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Sports Stove Podcast


July 2021

Parker Ainsworth sat down to talk about the NBA Finals, Chris Paul, and Giannis  with Vince Stover of the Sports Stove Podcast. 

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Score Zags Score


August 2021

Parker sits down with the Score Zags Score podcast to look at the new homes of several Gonzaga NBA players

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Sports Infinity Podcast

sports infinity.jpg

December 2020

Got to talk the NFL, College Football, the NBA, and more with Wayne G of Sports Infinity

Episode On YouTube

"F" In Sports Merch

Unless otherwise indicated, all merchandise is designed by Parker Ainsworth to promote "F" In Sports

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"Flunk Cancer"

Help raise Breast Cancer Awareness and support the show! All proceeds go to

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Support the show, and tell folks who teaches you about sports!

"Flunk Cancer"

Help raise Breast Cancer Awareness and support the show! All proceeds go to

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